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Right of a Client

Rights of a Client

A client of the exchange is entitled to receive funds towards his/her pay out within 48 hours. In case of any disputes with the Member regarding the trades done on the Exchange platform and/ or pertaining to non-receipt of payments due from the Member, the Client could contact the Exchange for suitable redressal as per Bye laws of the Exchange including use of mediation/Arbitration mechanisms of the Exchange. The Clients would be required to produce copies of the agreements (KYC, Member-Client Agreement & Risk Disclosure Agreement, etc.) entered into by them with their Member and copies of the contract notes, bills, proof of payment(s)/ deliveries made to the Member pertaining to the period of dispute and statement of accounts duly issued by the Member etc., for obtaining relief through the process of Arbitration.

Hence, Clients are advised to obtain copies of these from Member(s) and keep such copies with them. Further, all copies of all correspondence to and from Member(s) may be preserved for producing them to the Arbitrators, if required. All rights as per the Rules, Bye Laws and Regulations of the Exchange are available to a Client in respect of all transactions traded on the Exchange and for which the Clients have a contact note duly issued by the Member. In case of any disputes in respect of the trades on the Exchange or in the contract notes/ monthly statements or any complaint against the Member, take up the issue with Member directly. In case of nonresolution/ grievances, file written complaint against the Member with the Exchange within 6 months from the date of cause of action.