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In Case Of Complaint Against Member Where Do I Address The Complaint To

Investor Grievance Centre of the Exchange deals with the complaints of investors/Clients against the Members of the Exchange. Investors/Clients may lodge the complaints in the format prescribed, along with supporting documents either by sending email to or submit their complaints to the nearest investor service centre.

What Complaints Are Taken Up For Redressal By The IGC ?

Following nature of complaints are dealt by the IGC

  • Complaints which fall within the purview of the Exchange
  • Complaints relating to trades that are executed on the Exchange Platform
  • Complaints pertaining to commodity futures traded on the Exchange platform
  • Complaints in cases where no settlement could be reached between the trading member and the complainant for settlement of claims
  • Complaints in cases where the member has surrendered his membership and the complainant has approached the Exchange before expiry of the time mentioned in the public notice
  • Complaints against trading members on account of the following :
    1. Non- receipt of documents viz member client agreement, contract notes, settlement of accounts, order trade log etc.
    2. Non- refund of margin money
    3. Trades executed without adequate margins
    4. Delay /non – receipt of funds
    5. Squaring up of positions without consent
    6. Unauthorized transaction in the account
    7. Unauthorized transfer of funds from commodities account to other accounts

Is There Any Specified Form For Lodging The Complaint ?

Yes. The complainant has to fill Client Complaint registration Form (CCRF) for lodging complaint.

Is It Mandatory To Fill All The Columns In The Prescribed Form For Registering The Complaint ?

It is advisable to give as much information as is available with the complainant for judicious processing of the complaint.

What Documents Do I Need To Enclose For The Same ?

Please refer Client complaint registration form(CCF).

What Is The Next Step After Lodging Complaint ?

Once complaint is lodged, the exchange’s Investor Grievance Cell takes up the matter in time bound manner till it is resolved keeping the complainant/respondent informed about all the further steps.